RES4LIVE’s People: Sabrina Hempel!

My name is Sabrina Hempel. I’m a physicist by training with a doctorate in theoretical physics and expertise in complex systems analysis, environmental and climate physics as well as bioinformatics. I’m working at the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy in Potsdam (Germany) on research topics related to sustainable livestock production for more than seven years. My research focuses on the modeling of microclimate in naturally ventilated livestock buildings and emission processes related to animal husbandry. This involves data-driven as well as process-oriented models in order to better understand complex interactions in the husbandry system and support the development of guidelines for sustainable livestock production. In RES4LIVE I’m involved in the planning and setup of demonstrations, particularly in the German demonstration farm. Here I contribute particularly to the development of a data-driven model to predict microclimate and local air quality in the animal occupied space in order to setup a smart, proactive and targeted ventilation control systems. This control system shall rely as much as possible on renewable energy sources and reduce the total amount of energy needed to maintain animal welfare and productivity of the livestock, while minimizing direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.