National Workshops in Belgium

First national workshop

The first Belgian workshop of RES4LIVE focused on appropriate renewable energy sources (RES) technology selection in relation to livestock farming has taken place. The workshop was delivered to livestock farmers in two info session moments organized in collaboration with INTERWAAS. The sessions took place on 25th January and 1st February 2023 in the city hall of Beveren and Sint-Niklaas, respectively. The RES4LIVE project was introduced to the local livestock farmers in Belgium. Besides, the state of the art on RES technologies with a special focus on the integration of photovoltaic thermal panel and modular heat pump – the installation in the Belgian pilot farm – were presented. Individual and group discussions were held among the participants on the challenges and opportunities of selecting appropriate RES technologies with respect to livestock farming. The interactive digital tool – developed by EV-ILVO and UGent – for informed RES technology selection was brought to the participants attention for tryout and feedback. With this tool the participants had a chance to select various RES technology combinations appropriate for their farm. Then, the tool interactively provided them an insight on the investment cost and the environmental impact of the selected RES technology or technologies. Moreover during the workshops a running online survey for studying the energy consumption pattern and RES penetration at different livestock farms was promoted. The participants will possibly be involved on the more diverse future workshops in relation to RES4LIVE and its outputs to be organized by EV-ILVO and UGent.

The agenda and further information on the event are available here.