RES4LIVE Final Conference

3 September 2024, Florence (Italy) / only online participation

National Workshops in Germany

1st Workshop

On Tuesday, 30 April 2024, the first RES4LIVE national workshop in Germany took place on the premises of the ATB and LVAT. This significant event drew 40 participants from diverse sectors including researchers, consultants, industry representatives, policy makers, and business figures focused on alternative fuels. The workshop centered on the technical and economic facets of the BioCNG refueling station and explored the potential of compressed natural gas (CNG) to achieve self-sufficiency and fossil-free agriculture. Discussions also covered the market availability of CNG and biogas tractors, costs associated with refitting diesel engines, and the existing barriers hindering market development.

The event successfully highlighted the resolution of several synergy problems, demonstrating that both tractors and fueling stations are now available on the market, affirming the technical and economic feasibility of the innovations. However, it also pointed out that approval procedures remain a significant obstacle. Simplification of micro fueling stations and standardization of approval procedures were identified as crucial steps forward.

During the workshop, participants were provided with an overview of relevant economic and technical key figures, drawn from the practical operation of the BioCNG soft filling station and a series tractor converted to CNG. Additionally, experiences from official approval practices were shared, providing valuable insights into the regulatory landscape.

The BioCNG fueling station, a pivotal element of the RES4LIVE research project, was showcased as a demonstration of the technical possibilities for achieving fossil-free agriculture. The project underscores the substantial bioeconomic potential of upgrading farm biogas to biomethane or bio-CNG, which can effectively replace fossil fuels such as diesel or natural gas in agricultural operations. As part of the EU-funded RES4LIVE project, a pilot plant has been designed to upgrade biogas to biomethane/CNG and refuel series tractors equipped with methane engines. This innovation enables decentralized and self-sufficient fuel production on farms, using biogas generated from the farm’s organic residues and manure. Consequently, the fuel supply becomes independent, and greenhouse gas emissions can be significantly reduced.

This breakthrough has garnered recognition and is now featured as an exemplary innovation on the European Commission’s Innovation Radar Platform, marking a significant step towards sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

The program and further information on the event are available here.