RES4LIVE Final Conference

3 September 2024, Florence (Italy) / only online participation

RES4LIVE Final Conference

The RES4LIVE final conference “RES4LIVE: renewable energy and sensors for thermal comfort of livestock” will take place during the 75th EAAP annual meeting in Florence on 3rd September 2024.

The RES4LIVE Final Conference aims to present the culmination of its research and development efforts in fossil-free livestock farming and share key findings and technological advancements with stakeholders, emphasizing sustainable energy solutions for intensive livestock farming. Our discussions will cover a range of topics including:

  • The use of energy auditing in intensive livestock farming facilities
  • The simulation model for renewable energy systems in livestock barns applied to three case studies
  • The AgEnergy platform – a tool to search and assess fossil-energy-free technologies and strategies
  • An integrated renewable energy system for the de-fossilization of a commercial swine nursery barn
  • Heat Pump HVAC System as Part of an Integrated RES System for the Indoor Climate Control of a Laying Hen House
  • Geothermal energy concepts for livestock applications, analysis of energy savings, life cycle cost and animal welfare
  • Life Cycle Impact Assessment of an Integrated PVT-BTES-Heat Pump System for a Commercial Swine Farm in Italy
  • Modeling of thermal status at animal level – Swine and Cattle
  • The effect of renewable energy transition on the thermal comfort in a pig farm – animal compartment level experimental investigation
  • Compact Bio-CNG farm filling fuel production from anaerobic digestion: Hollow fiber permeation and Hybrid compression for technically and economically feasible small-scale biofuel production

Join us as we explore these innovative approaches to making energy use in livestock farming more sustainable.

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Deadline registration:  30 August 2024

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