RES4LIVE’s people: Dimitris Manolakos!

I am Dimitris Manolakos, Associate Professor at Agricultural University of Athens, specialized in the fields of Heat to Power Conversion technologies focused mainly on Organic Rankine Cycle systems combined with solid biomass, waste heat or solar heat, Autonomous electricity generation and storage from Renewable Energy Sources (RES), RES and heat pumps integration in agricultural buildings, and RES systems for sea water desalination with Reverse Osmosis. I am a Mechanical Engineer with more than 20 years of experience, during which I have taken part in more than 25 European and national funded projects as the main researcher and energy expert, as well as coordinator of EU and national funded projects.

In RES4LIVE project I am the project coordinator and leads the project management. I believe that RES4LIVE project will be a first-class opportunity to expand the applied research through the collaboration between acknowledged research and industrial partners from RES and livestock sectors, ensuring a wider adoption of RES and energy efficiency technologies, machinery and techniques in livestock farms towards a zero-fossil fuel consumption.