Increasing renewable energy focus on farms: National Energy and Climate Plans (#NECPs). 

Member States are currently releasing their updated NECPs which take stock of national energy targets and policies and look toward future initiatives and objectives.  

Estonia’s NECP, which was released earlier this month, notes a specific objective of increasing the competitiveness and market orientation of farms. Estonia also announces a particular focus on research, technology and digitalisation in this regard. Estonia’s plan also announces investments in farm-friendly renewable energy solutions and energy savings to improve farm performance. Specifically, farms should look to “increase biomethane production capacity,” among other initiatives.

 The RES4LIVE project also targets biomethane production capacity at LVAT farm in Germany. Biomethane production from biogas (derived from manure) powers a tractor on the farm

You can read about Estonia’s plan as well as the updated plans of other Member States here: