RES4LIVE Final Conference

3 September 2024, Florence (Italy) / only online participation

RES4LIVE Final Conference, registrations are open!

The RES4LIVE final conference “RES4LIVE: renewable energy and sensors for thermal comfort of livestock” will take place during the 75th EAAP annual meeting in Florence on 3rd September 2024. Registrations on RES4LIVE webiste are only for online participation. Click here to read the Agenda Deadline registration:  30 August 2024                   […]

Check out the interview to Stefano Benni (UNIBO) on photovoltaic-thermal solar systems (IT)

pv magazine Italia interviewed Stefano Benni, associate professor at the Department of Agri-Food Sciences and Technologies at the University of Bologna, among the authors of a recent study evaluating the performance of experimental photovoltaic-thermal solar system in four different pilot cases of European farms, including one for pigs in Mirandola (MO). This falls within the […]

April 30, 2024: Workshop “The BioCNG filling station as a contribution to energy self-sufficient and fossil-free agriculture”

The processing of farm biogas into biomethane/bio-CNG offers great bioeconomic potential to completely replace fossil fuels such as diesel or natural gas in agriculture. The first gas-powered series tractors are available. The cascade use of agricultural residues (grain or maize straw, liquid manure, solid manure, etc.) for biogas production is an obvious option. Among other […]

PV Magazine article talks about RES4LIVE discoveries!

Following the scientific paper published in Solar Energy Advances titled: “Experimental assessment of a solar photovoltaic-thermal system in a livestock farm in Italy”, PV Magazine has written an article “Hybridizing PVT energy with heat pumps, borehole storage” about the GOLINELLI farm installation. You can read the full article here!

Area Zero cluster webinar!

RES4LIVE’s cluster AREA ZERO is hosting a webinar this Thursday, March 14th from 14h-16h CET: “The Farming Future: Opportunities and Challenges in the Agricultural Energy Transition”.

2nd RES4LIVE Workshop, on egg-laying hens, at the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)

  The 2nd RES4LIVE Workshop, focusing on egg-laying hens, took place on Thursday 14/12/2023, in the premises of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). Among the participants were producers with a significant percentage of the national turnover of the Greek egg industry, manufacturers, policymakers and researchers. The solutions proposed by RES4LIVE were presented by the […]