2nd Greek National Workshop

– by AUA

The 2nd Greek National Workshop held in the framework of the RES4LIVE project, centering on egg-laying hens, successfully convened on Thursday, December 11, 2023, at the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). The meeting served a dual purpose: first, to present the solutions proposed by the project, and secondly, and most importantly, to identify challenges and explore alternative prospects for integrating Renewable Energy Source (RES) technologies in poultry farms. The intended beneficiaries, including egg producers, poultry farm manufacturers, policymakers in the poultry farming sector, and scientists-researchers specializing in animal production and renewable energy sources, actively participated in these discussions.

Among the diverse participants were prominent figures such as producers contributing significantly to the national turnover of the Greek egg industry (e.g., VLACHAKIS SA, MEGAFARM SA), as well as established manufacturers (e.g., ANITEC LP, V. Karabinas SA). The RES4LIVE project team introduced and expounded upon the proposed solutions, facilitating a comprehensive dialogue wherein participants delved into the advantages, issues, challenges, and potentialities associated with implementing RES technologies in poultry housing facilities.

A highlight of the workshop was the visit to the Agricultural University of Athens’ experimental egg-laying hens facility, where innovative RES systems are currently in operation. Invited stakeholders, including the aforementioned producers, manufacturers, policymakers, and researchers, actively contributed their insights, observations, and suggestions, which will be integral to refining and advancing the RES solutions.

The outcomes of this workshop will be communicated to the European Commission (EC), laying the groundwork for substantive discussions on the necessity for new policies in the EU agri-food sector. Through these efforts, we aim to enhance the comprehensiveness, cost-effectiveness, and tailored applicability of RES4LIVE’s solutions in diverse contexts.

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