RES4LIVE Final Conference

3 September 2024, Florence (Italy) / only online participation

Scientific paper on renewable energy system

– by MG

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MG Sustainable Engineering AB (Sweden) and the University of Bologna (UNIBO, Italy) have published a scientific paper on the renewable energy system (RES) installed at the Golinelli swine farm in Italy. The paper is published in the Solar Energy Advances journal in 2024 and describes the system design including initial insights into the RES system installed as part of the RES4Live project. MG Sustainable Engineering was responsible for designing the Solar PVT system to deliver heat to the UNIBO designed borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) system. The heat in the BTES is stored for use in the winter, and is used by a 35kW heat pump designed by Psyctotherm (Greece) to deliver final space heating. The PVT system replaces fossil fuel consumption in one of the barns on the farm, utilizing electrical energy from the collectors to operate a heat pump and provide electricity to the barn. The hybrid solar system, along with energy storage, is expected to save approximately 20,850 kgCO2 per year. The performance of the PVT system, solar central, and BTES is rigorously analyzed to evaluate its overall performance and its capability to reduce carbon emissions and replace fossil fuel consumption in the agricultural sector. The partners involved in this installation are now monitoring and performing an environmental, economic, and technical evaluation. Here you can read the full article.