RES4LIVE Final Conference

3 September 2024, Florence (Italy) / only online participation

RES4LIVE People’s: Jarissa Maselyne!

Hi, my name is Jarissa Maselyne and I’m working for ILVO in Belgium. I’m working in the field of technology for livestock farms and animal monitoring (precision livestock farming). I’m very happy to be part of RES4LIVE to be able to contribute to a more energy efficient livestock production, and reduce the (climate) impact we have on our planet. ILVO is one of the 4 demonstration sites with our pig farm being reconverted to a fossil-free farm within the project. I hope to spread out the results to all the farmers in our region and give them inspiration on how to reconvert their own farms. Another task we have is to ensure the animals’ comfort needs are taken into account in the design of the renewable energy systems for heating and cooling of the farms. Personally, I also find it very interesting to further look into the link between the animals’ comfort and their behavior, as well as their health and productivity. This way there is a benefit for the farmer, for the animal and for the planet.