RES4LIVE Final Conference

3 September 2024, Florence (Italy) / only online participation

H2020 project RES4LIVE 7th Consortium Meeting

– by AUA

The 7th Consortium Meeting of the RES4LIVE project occurred on October 6, 2023, in Rome and was hosted by the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP, Italy). This hybrid meeting allowed virtual attendance for those unable to join physically, fostering fruitful collaboration and communication among the attendees. Riccardo Carelli (EAAP) initiated and moderated the meeting, with over 20 participants representing the 17 RES4LIVE partners. Project Manager Dimitrios Tyris (AUA, Greece) provided an overview of RES4LIVE’s current stage and invited Work Package (WP) leaders to share the project’s status, preliminary results, and key achievements within their respective WPs.

With the Work Packages (WP) concerning the adaptation of innovative RES technologies for livestock farms (WP1), and the market available RES and energy efficiency solutions, machinery, and practices for livestock farms (WP2) successfully completed, the meeting commenced with a focus on WP3 activities, addressing the assessment of energy flows on farms, smart control, and simulation. CERTH-iBO presented an analysis of energy demand/consumption and RES availability in typical livestock farms, while PLEGMA showcased the updated features of the smart control system and the platform for microclimate remote monitoring and actuation. Additionally, CERTH-CPERI presented initial results from the numerical platform for energy management and operations optimization. The next steps involve validating the developed platform and applying it to RES4LIVE’s specific case studies.

WP4 (“Implementation and testing of the solutions in pilot farms”) identified progress in the implementation and testing of RES solutions in pilot farms. At AUA’s poultry house, the PVs and the smart control system have been successfully installed, along with the heat pump and the ventilation system. While the ventilation system underwent enhancement, further optimization is required to minimize the amount of dust it generates. Concerning the GOLINELLI farm in Italy, and the ILVO farm in Belgium, comprehensive discussions were held on RES interventions. Detailed progress updates on geothermal storage, modular heat pump, PVT system installation, energy retrofitting of the building envelope, and the smart monitoring system were presented in the case of GOLINELLI.  For the ILVO farm, detailed data post-installation and commissioning of the PVT and heat pump systems were thoroughly presented.  Lastly, regarding the LVAT farm in Germany, extensive information on biomethane and Bio-CNG stations was provided, along with additional data on the welfare barn tube cooling system. It was highlighted that obtaining authorization for the biogas station from German regulatory authorities continues to be a challenging issue.

AUA presented the status of the environmental, financial, and social assessment in WP5, shedding light on the ongoing activities since the last consortium meeting. A more detailed exposition of the preliminary results from the AUA poultry farm’s reference system was provided for both Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC). In addition, insights into the modeling process of RES technologies, based on their Bills of Materials (BOMs), were shared with the RES4LIVE partners. The forthcoming phase in these activities entails a comprehensive and in-depth modeling and assessment of the project’s interventions. The WP5 discussion culminated in an exploration of the developed questionnaire and the relevant data-gathering process, specifically tailored to gauge the social acceptance of the project’s interventions. This comprehensive approach aims to align the solutions not only with technical and environmental parameters but also with the societal aspects, ensuring a well-rounded and impactful integration of renewable energy technologies in livestock farming.

EAAP presented clustering activities and policy recommendations for WP6, while WP7 focused on the dissemination, communication, and exploitation of RES4LIVE technological solutions. The meeting concluded with WP8’s presentation, offering an overview from managerial, technical, and financial perspectives, including preparations for the 2nd Periodic Report and the Review Meeting. The Project Manager, Dimitrios Tyris, closed the meeting, expressing gratitude for the efficient collaboration and work accomplished according to the initial plan.