RES4LIVE Final Conference

3 September 2024, Florence (Italy) / only online participation

1st National Workshop in Italy


The first Italian Workshop of RES4LIVE focused on the integration of Renewable Energy systems within livestock farms. The event took place on Saturday 22/10/2022 at the Exhibition Centre of Montichiari (BS), within the framework of the national Agricultural and Livestock Exhibition. The participants included representatives of the main national farmers’ associations, a member of the Agricultural Commission of the Italian Parliament, technicians involved in the design of livestock buildings, and managers of livestock farms. RES4LIVE was presented by the teams of UNIBO and Golinelli farm, with particular reference to the technologies developed for pig barns, that were under installation in the Italian pilot farm of the project. In particular, the innovative solution of an integrated system with a Photovoltaic-Thermal panel, Geothermal Storage boreholes, and modular Heat Pump was analyzed. The discussion focused on the potential of these technologies in terms of savings in the energy budget of farms and reduction of the carbon footprint of animal production. The participants identified the main obstacle that can limit the widespread adoption of these technologies, i.e. the economic impact of the initial investment. Therefore, various proposals were formulated in terms of possible policies to support farmers in reducing the economic uncertainties of investments in Renewable Energies, as well as enhancing livestock productions carried out with sustainable low-carbon approaches. The program and further information on the event are available here.


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