RES4LIVE Final Conference

3 September 2024, Florence (Italy) / only online participation

1st National Workshop in Greece

– by AUA

The 1st Workshop within the framework of the RES4LIVE project, focusing on egg-laying hens, took place on Wednesday 28/09/2022, on the premises of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). Among the participants were producers with a significant percentage of the national turnover of the Greek egg industry, manufacturers, policymakers, and researchers:


The solutions proposed by RES4LIVE were presented by the project team, and the participants identified advantages, problems, challenges, and prospects of the installation of RES technologies in poultry housing facilities. They contributed with comments, observations, and suggestions that will be included in the process of further developing the RES4LIVE solutions. The meeting’s results will be forwarded to the EC, forming the basis of discussions about the need for new policies in the EU agri-food sector. In this way, we hope to make RES4LIVE’s solutions more comprehensive, cost-effective, and tailored to each case.

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